Module 1 – The User’s Guide to Memory


Welcome to Module 1 – Below you will find a general guide to the memory boot camp, some demonstration videos, and worksheets – we hope you enjoy!


General Overview

Module 1 Overview

TOPIC 1 – What is Memory

TOPIC 2 – Memory and Aging


Steps to a Better Memory

Make sure you have some paper and a pen or pencil for this one.

Test of Selective Attention Demonstration

This demonstration shows the power of attention. Count how many times the players in white pass the basketball to their teammates (also in white). Ignore the players in black.
How did you do? Did you miss anything?


The MMQ is an assessment of how satisfied You are with your memory ability.

The Memory Monitoring Log can help you track of memory challenges you might encounter.


Below we have listed some extra materials you might find helpful to gain a better understanding of your memory.

CBC Nature of Things:  The Memory Mirage

Description:  Can we trust what we remember about our own lives?  Memory scientists say most memories are full of distortions and errors.  Why are our memories so susceptible to errors?

The Art of Learning

Description: How to triple your memory by using this trick | Ricardo Lieuw On | TEDxHaarlem
A demonstration of using visual imagery for Deep Linking

The Complexity of Memory – a Ted Talks Play List

Description:  The mind is a diligent recorder, taking note of all that happens and storing data on it for retrieval later, right? Well actually, no. Enjoy these 7 illuminating talks on the science—and oddities—of our memory.