Boot Camp 2019 Homework

Nice to see you all today at our Memory Boot Camp at Keshen Goodman Library.

Homework for our next session includes:

  1. record your memory slip ups. what were you trying to remember? what else was happening at the time?
  2. Create your memory path by creating a path through your home. Imagine you were going to show a new person through your home. What would you show them, what is the route you would take? Then practice that route so that it will be the same every time.

See you next week!

What you think about your own memory ability matters.

2 thoughts on “Boot Camp 2019 Homework

  1. It’s now March, 2019. I attended the first of a three-part memory session last Monday but couldn’t make it in the storm today (second session). What have I missed and what can I do about it?
    If you respond, please don’t omit the middle C in my name. It won’t bounce back, it’ll go to a long-suffering woman in Washington State.

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